How to get to Mestia?

It ‘s possible to get from Tbilisi to Mestia by:

  • Car;
  • Airplane;
  • Train;
  • Minibus.

Our help from the Tbilisi airport.

  • Travel by car: the distance from Tbilisi to Mestia is 490 km. The travel takes about 7-8 hours.  Zugdidi-Mestia part of the road of 140 km is newly paved by a concrete cover.
  • Travel by plane: flights are available every day except Tuesdays and Fridays. The cost of one way ticket is 75 GEL which includes transportation of 20 kg. Flights only take place when the weather is good and visibility high. So, possibility of flight cancellation exists. To reserve your tickets please call 032 400400 and dial 500 or 501 after the tone.
  • Travel by train:    you can reserve tickets for the train Tbilisi – Zugdidi via phone or internet. The ticket price is 15 GEL. Train departs from Tbilisi at 11 p. m. and arrives to Zugdidi at 7 a. m. Soon after your arrival to Zugdidi you can take a minibus to Mestia from the railway station for another 15 GEL. Renting a car is another alternative. Overage price for car rental Zugdidi -Mestia is 200 GEL
  •  Travel by minibus: Minibus departs from Tbilisi at 6:00 a. m. from the railway station (nearby the “Children’s World”). Since the ticket reservation mechanism is not available, you are kindly advised to arrive at 5: 00 a. m . The ticket price is 30 GEL.


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